Kids 10 and Under Enjoy Free Admission to the Ark Encounter in 2020

Have you heard the news? All kids 10 and under enjoy free admission to the Ark Encounter in 2020! Bring your whole family to enjoy this incredible themed attraction in Northern Kentucky.



Prepare to be blown away as you explore this life-sized representation of Noah’s ark. Built according to the dimensions given in the Bible, the Ark Encounter contains three decks of stunning exhibits to answer the questions of believers and skeptics alike and give guests a glimpse of what life may have looked like for Noah and his family while they were on board the ark.
Outside the Ark, you’ll find many more things for the whole family to do. Our 2,500-seat Answers Center hosts daily programs, concerts, and presentations for the whole family. Kids also enjoy discovering the animals in our zoo. Start planning your trip today!

For more information visit their website here!

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