Helping our Students Shine

At Bishop Leibold School, we are helping our students to realize and develop their individual talents every day. You will find enhancements to our unique curriculum programming to help students take their learning to the next level.



Students live their faith through countless service projects and student-led organizations. Our Leibold Leaders program allows our students to plan and execute school fundraisers and special events, many that benefit our sister school in Nairobi. Junior high students complete hundreds of hours of community service on behalf of the school prior to graduation. Annually the students raise funds to help support the Clean Water Project organized by The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Students enhance their love of art through before and after school art, drawing, and clay clubs. Our teachers submit their art to various organizations for consideration in programs like the Montgomery County Violence Prevention Calendar each year.

STEAM Saturdays are just one of many examples of fostering a love for the arts and STEM at Bishop Leibold. Students take their love of science a step further with activities like STEM- an after school STEM club, robotics competition squads, visits from MIT students, our annual family ScienceFEST and so much more.

Students develop an understanding of careers in fields of their interest with relevant learning experiences! Site visits to local businesses, guest speakers, and hands-on learning experiences allow them to find their true passions.

There is something for every student at Bishop Leibold. Reading and writing are explored on a deeper level in our lunchtime reading and writing groups. Our annual spelling and geography bees are competitive and a huge showcase of talents! Our goal is to help develop the whole student.

Call us today for more information or to schedule a private tour! We can be reached online at or 937-866-3021. We look forward to meeting you and your student soon!

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