Great Idea: GameTruck


Planning a birthday party? Wanting an exciting party at your home? Well, look no more! GameTruck Dayton is your special event headquarters with video game parties delivered to your home. Celebrate in style in their cozy game trailers as guests of all ages play the latest and most popular video games.  Plus, they will also deliver LaserTag, BubbleSoccer and WaterTag excitement to your home guaranteed to “wow” your guests.

My daughter recently attended a birthday party hosted by GameTruck. The truck arrived at the birthday boy’s home and the staff quickly prepared the heated trailer for the guests. The trailer’s interior is a gamer’s dream… comfortable black leather couches and brightly-colored high definition televisions to reveal amazing adventures, co-operative challenges and epic competitions. The interior music is pulse-pounding and makes game play even more incredible. But, before the guests played, the GameTruck staff asked the hosting parents to choose the appropriate games for the party-goers (Madden & Minecraft were the favorites).

When it was time to begin playing, guests found their favorite game system, grabbed a controller and played separately or with a team. After 2 hours of play, the guests enjoyed a memorable party experience — that was easy for parents to host! Plus, there is never a fear of power loss. All trailers include a backup generator to ensure your guests will have uninterrupted game time.

When booking a GameTruck party, you’ll begin by route planning to make sure your event starts and ends on time. In addition to the venue, GameTruck provides the party invitations. And GameTruck promises their equipment is clean, up-to-date and ready to play. The only thing parents have to do is relax and have fun while GameTruck entertains your guests!

All of GameTruck’s video game parties include:

  • Event customized for your party size, location and specific needs
  • 36+ age appropriate video game titles
  • Certified GameCoaches
  • Latest Consoles including XBox One, PlayStation 4, Wii-U and Nintendo Switch
  • HD Flat Panel TVs
  • Choice of digital or downloaded party invitations

For more information, or to start planning your party, contact GameTruck Dayton. Bring the excitement to  your home!

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