Easter Bunny Express

If you’re looking for a unique take on the traditional egg hunt, and a fun family outing to go along with it, then book a ride on the Easter Bunny Express with the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad.



We’ve done a few train rides as a family over the years, but our recent experience with LM&M was definitely one of the best. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and as we walked through historic Lebanon, on our way to the train station, you couldn’t help but smile. Our 6-year-old and 4-year-old were most excited about the egg hunt to come (what is it about those little plastic eggs?), but they were quickly enamored with the train and the nostalgic experience of climbing aboard.

We had tickets for the Deluxe Coach Class, which has very comfortable seats and heating and air-conditioning. Seats in the Lackawanna coach cars are also very accommodating and you really can’t go wrong with either choice. Everything about this excursion was well planned and thought out, which made it fun and relaxing for us as a family. The train leaves the station and heads out about 4 miles past farms, fields, and businesses, and then makes a return trip with a stop at a soccer field for the egg hunt.

On the way out, the Easter Bunny pays a visit to every family on the train. We were able to greet the Bunny, get some pictures, and even a sweet treat to take home with us. The Easter Bunny is then available later in the trip for more photos. The train also includes a concessions car, which you can access during the ride for snacks and drinks. Keep in mind, they only accept cash.

I was a little weary about the egg hunt itself, because I’ve been to a few that were hectic and unorganized. But I was very pleased with how LM&M arranged this one, and the kids had a blast! We brought our own bags, but they do have some if you need them, and there are plenty of eggs in the field that every child gets a fair share of the small trinkets and candies.

The Easter Bunny Express is a great way to celebrate this time of year. Many families enjoy visiting the Easter Bunny, participating in an egg hunt, and spending quality time together as a family during this season, and this unique excursion allows you to do all three, in one fun-filled train adventure. Rides with LM&M Railroad are always well done and a memorable experience for the entire family, so keep their rides in mind for spring and every other festive season in Cincinnati.

There are still ride times available for your family to hop on the Easter Bunny Express! Tickets are on sale now for rides on April 19th, 20th, and 27th, and you can purchase them online and find more information on the Railroad’s website here.

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