Decorate With Pages of Tattered Book

When your kid decides that a particular book is his all-time favorite, you can expect it to get destroyed pretty quickly.

Kids aren’t exactly gentle with their books and when it’s one that they read over and over and over, you can bet it’s going to get beat up.

After reading a book 2,000 times, we start to get a little sentimental towards it knowing that it will most likely become a childhood memory for our kids.

So when those books get too beat up to even read anymore, rather than throw them away, use the pages to decorate, keeping the book alive!

For this project, you will need:

Your book

An X-Acto knife or scissors

Nails or 3M removable hooks


Buttons or other flat embellishment

For cardboard books, simply cut out the pages you want to use with an X-acto knife. Once you determine where you will hang them, then cut your ribbon. You will be folding the ribbon in half, so keep that in mind when you cut.

Then just tape or hot glue your ribbon to the back of your page starting at one side and folding ribbon over so you can tape or glue the other end to the other side of your page.

Then hang from your nail or 3M hooks. You can decorate the hook by gluing a button to the front of it.

Now you and your kids can keep enjoying their favorite book!

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