Camp Jabez Summer Camps

Camp Jabez is a Gospel based ministry dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of in need young people and their families through interaction with horses, the beauty of God’s creation, outdoor activities and recreation by a staff of dedicated workers, missionaries, and volunteers.  



Camp Jabez runs a variety of programs for kids of all ages, from short Jr Camps, to longer camps for extended time working with horses. Campers will participate in a weeklong variety of activities that will encourage them to explore and appreciate the outdoors in a biblically informed way.

Programs can include a time of wilderness education, map reading/orienteering, games, gardening, fishing, archery, and horse riding/training. Riding classes incorporate patience, emotional control, and learning how to communicate with a horse without the use of force or intimidation. We teach respectful boundaries with horses; how to keep an animal out of your space while improving leadership and love. A period of Bible instruction and reflection is included to encourage the campers to enjoy a daily walk with Christ and appreciation of his word.

A climbing wall, paddleboats, a planned zip-line and giant swing, or exploring our woods provide an outlet for excess energy in a non- harmful way.

Camp Jabez Summer Camps are great for ages 5-17! The first camp will begin June 1st and the last camp session will start on August 3, 2020. For more information visit!


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