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Breakout Games, the largest escape room brand in the growing industry, premieres the newest room in its Dayton location with Grand Opening events on Wednesday, July 11, 2018. The room, Runaway Train, introduces a unique storyline that builds on the same adventure and mystery found at Breakout’s 44 escape room locations across the country.




To celebrate the introduction of its newest escape room, the Dayton community is invited to join a city-wide treasure hunt on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, in which Breakout Games will hide 20, $100 bills throughout downtown, Oregon District and Webster Station. Additionally, Breakout Games Dayton will offer 50 percent off admission prices to the first 100 reservations that use promotional code ‘daytontreasurehunt’ beginning Wednesday, July 11. Any room can be booked at any time of the week.

“Runaway Train builds on the technological advancements we’ve introduced in other rooms—and takes them to the next level,” said Bryce Anderson, co-founder of Breakout Games. “Whether you’ve experienced Breakout before or this is your first time, the high-tech, sensory-focused features will change the way you think about escape rooms.”

In Runaway Train, participants find themselves on a cross-continental train ride on the Breakout Express. What was once the trip of a lifetime has now gone terribly wrong: Radicals have taken control of the conductor’s cabin, planted explosives and the train is now racing towards a non-stop destination in the heart of the city: Central Station. In just 60 minutes, participants must gain entry to the conductor’s cabin, stop the train, and free the passengers through a series of exciting clues and puzzles. But this isn’t your average escape room—participants should expect fewer locks and more high-tech integration.

Runaway Train is one of many escape room options at the Dayton Breakout Games, in addition to Museum Heist, The Kidnapping, Operation: Casino, Island Escape and Hostage. The Dayton Breakout Games location opened in July 2015.

“Breakout is a way to break away from everyday life and enter a world where solving clues can make anyone the story’s hero,” shared Anderson. “We hope people walk away from the Runaway Train room with deeper relationships with their teammates and a greater understanding of how to work together to solve greater challenges.”

Breakout Games offers an opportunity to unplug from the fast-paced, digital landscape to connect with people in real time. Through the detailed clues, engaging story and team focus, players utilize critical thinking, grow in creative processing and create real connections with the people around them.

Breakout Games Dayton is located at 8120 Washington Village Dr, Dayton, OH 45458 and can be reached at (937) 401-8739. For more information and to reserve a room, visit


Founded in 2014, Breakout Games is a leader in the growing escape-room industry, offering live-action entertainment at 44 locations in 28 states. Each Breakout escape room features multiple hour-long scenarios where visitors must crack codes, discover clues and solve puzzles in order to “escape” along with family, friends and coworkers. Building upon the success of its interactive, beat-the-clock adventures, Breakout Games recently launched Dispatch, a monthly subscription-based crime mystery game that is designed to be solved right at home using physical clues and interactive websites. To learn more about Breakout Games and Dispatch by Breakout, please visit

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