Beavercreek Park Features Awesome New Gravity Rail

Playgrounds have really upped their game since I was in my prime playground years in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. The best thing we had was a truck made out of steel and wood that didn’t even have a moving steering wheel. We’d sit in that thing all recess and pretend we were driving to the mall.


Kids these days have it made. Since I had my daughter 4 years ago, I have been a frequent user of parks all over my Beavercreek neighborhood and even outside it. Beavercreek has done a lot of upgrading to several of its parks recently. I’ve seen roller slides, intricate jungle gyms, mommy and baby swings, big dish-like swings, and a completely handicap-accessible playground. (If you haven’t checked out Owen’s Place at Rotary Park, it is seriously incredible.)

Enter the gravity rail at Spicer Heights Park.

Now, this thing is cool. It is a single swing on a big circular track that you can zip around. You can make it more intense by starting up on the platform and sliding down the incline, or slow it down by just getting a push from someone on the ground. The heavier you are, the faster you go. I know, I tried it. It was awesome, and I’m in my 30s.

My 4-year-old and 2.5-year-old daughters just squealed in delight as they zoomed around the rail. The track doesn’t connect at the top, so once you swing all the way around the circle forwards, you can enjoy it backward. My girls needed some help pulling the swing back up the ramp to the top of the platform. It is pretty heavy. I got my workout in for the day hauling it up and down the ramp in slippery flip-flops. I imagine kids in double-digit ages would be self-sufficient with it, and have just as much fun – if not more.

There are other upgrades at Spicer Heights too. (Spicer Heights is located in the Beavercreek neighborhood of Spicer Heights) . The gravity rail connects toa big playground structure with two slides and multiple ways to climb to the top including a tricky cargo net-style ladder. A new sand pit has two diggers to try out.

My nearly 1-year-old son was stoked about the mommy and baby swings. These swings are popping up everywhere. Gone are the days of standing behind the swing pushing. You can now sit down (hallelujah!) and soak up all the baby smiles and giggles while you power the swing with your legs. Or have big sister do it!

Some of the old structures stayed in place. A tall, fast slide and another climbing structure are oldies but goodies with lots of life left. The park has a small shelter house, picnic tables, benches and a paved walking path.

Shout out to all our local cities and taxpayers for keeping our parks safe, clean and updated. Playgrounds are one of the best activities for our kids, and they’re free too! Soak up what’s left of the warm weather and enjoy all the parks you can.

The Gravity Rail is located at Spicer Heights in Beavercreek: 3704 Edge Park Drive Beavercreek, OH 45431

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