Baby Shark Bite

It seems I’m officially out of the loop and may now be considered an older dignified parent.

I never received the memo that a hot new song was sweeping our nation.

My wife and I were watching people dance at a wedding when the Dee-Jay surprised the crowd

with a catchy little tune called “The Baby Shark Song”…….wait what!?

We looked on in disbelief as all the young kids in the hall went crazy over this song.

They imitated little sharks and began chiming out each chorus. They were happy as clams!

Much to my surprise, I could see all of the their parents doing the same thing.

I almost stood up and yelled “Grow Up…You’re not Sharks & you look silly!” but I couldn’t since I was

now considered to be a member of the older dignified parent group…..yikes!

Before I was an older, dignified parent, I would happily sing along with a Purple Dinosaur.

I talked nonsense to a yellow and red TeleTubby and I used to “Jump Around” with Mary Kate & Ashley.

As parents, we all make sacrifices when it comes to our kids. In fact, we often sacrifice our dignity!

If you don’t believe me, think of the time you spent a Saturday afternoon at Chuck E Cheese singing

Happy Birthday with a giant gray rat and his five piece animatronic band.

The funny thing is that when you see your kids smile, you don’t feel like it’s a sacrifice at all.

The parents singing “The Baby Shark Song” were grinning from ear to ear. They laughed the whole

time as they pretended to chomp invisible fish. They liked “The Baby Shark Song” because their kids

were laughing. Nothing beats the sound of a child laughing (especially when it’s your own).

If I’m being honest, I kind of liked the “Baby Shark Song”….Lord knows It’s still stuck in my head.

The “Baby Shark” song, reminded me of being at a Jimmy Buffett Concert.

At his concerts, a bunch of crazy adults drink margaritas while singing “Fins to the Left and Fins to

the Right” and we act like land sharks. We wear loud shirts, ridiculous hats, sing loudly and dance

barefoot without much regard for rhythm. It’s just one of the things us older dignified parents do!

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