Ask the Teacher: Summer reading

I hated reading over summer break when I was a kid. How can I keep my daughter from feeling the same way?

Summer is the best time to make reading fun! Check out what your local library or area book store might be offering in the way of incentive programs, which often create the excitement that young children need to read over break. If this is not an option, create your own program. Make a chart to post in a visible spot with prizes that can be earned at easily reachable intervals. Keep the prizes simple: a chore-free day, choosing the menu for dinner, selecting a family game, inviting a friend over, etc.

Think of ways to change up your daughter’s normal reading routine. Take a book to the park along with some lemonade, visit a nursing home to read to residents or sit in the backyard for a reading picnic. Select audio books to enjoy together or have your daughter create her own audio books by recording herself reading, then making a gift out of the recording for a grandparent or friend.

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