Aqua-Tots Swim Diary

8 weeks into swim lessons at Aqua-Tots Swim School, and I cannot believe the transformation we have witnessed – not only in our daughter but also in ourselves. I will be honest, I was so apprehensive of each and every class the first few weeks. I could not help stressing about submersing our baby girl in the water, wondering if she was going to have a breakdown and a whole list of other mama worries! But today, those fears are no more!

Our daughter honestly LONGS to get in the water. Whenever she sees a pool she leans her body towards it and turns her head to see it when we pass by. She flails her arms and kicks her legs just itching for a swim!

My husband and I sat and reminisced about our class experience so far. One aspect that stood out were all the little details of the whole experience. Whether it was the way we have been made to feel like part of the family by being greeted at the door each week by the Aqua-Tots team, the fact that our instructor noticed our daughter’s new swimsuit, the way our sweet baby beams at the instructor during lessons, or how we sing the songs from class at home and our baby girl lights up. The whole experience has been more than just “learning to swim”. In fact – that has not been the point at all! Our baby couldn’t swim if we dropped her into a pool today – or even a month from now.

What we have gained from this experience has gone far beyond water skills. We have increased the social skills of our daughter, sharpened her fine motor skills and stimulated her brain with activities outside of her normal routine.  The value in these classes can be applied to children of all ages! If you decide to enroll your children in swim lessons at Aqua-Tot (which I highly recommend) you will receive much more than a child who can swim. You will truly be part of the Aqua-Tots family – and they will invest in your child and push them to be their best!

Aqua-Tots has two convenient Dayton area locations, one in Beavercreek and one in Springboro! For more information and to schedule your classes visit!

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