A Valentine’s Day Surprise

Every few years my wife and I spend Valentine’s Day at home.

We forego the fancy restaurant and we make a home-cooked dinner that is just as good and half as expensive.

A night out is good for a couple, especially a couple with

kids. Getting all dressed up and being waited on makes you feel important and we all

deserve a bit of pampering every now and then. A night out is great but there are some

benefits to a Valentine’s Dinner at home.

I already mentioned the cost (A warning to guys: this doesn’t mean going cheap, forget

the mac & cheese with corn dogs), there are no long waits for a table, you can have a

little extra wine because you are at home and don’t need to drive (A warning to ladies: a

little extra doesn’t mean a 2-liter carafe) and your kids can be your free entertainment!

I know what you’re thinking, why would the kids be part of the equation? After all

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for couples and it is supposed to be about romance.

Valentine’s Day celebrations should come with a warning sign: Kid Free Zone!

I always thought this too, until our daughter surprised my wife and I a few years back.

We had just sat down to our steak dinner, clinked our wine glasses and said

“I love you” to each other when our daughter appeared out of nowhere with viola in hand. She was in the middle school orchestra and obviously had something in store for us.

She dimmed our dining room lights, pulled up a chair and proceeded to play a romantic song. As soon as she finished, my wife and I smiled and applauded.

She took a bow and disappeared from the dining room as quickly as she had appeared.

She went back to her bedroom, so my wife and I could be alone to enjoy the romantic


My wife and I were so taken aback by the special performance that we almost forgot to exchange cards and gifts. It was obvious to both of us that the real gift had just been our daughter’s impromptu performance. She showed us creativity, some musical talent and

also a keen sense of timing. We were both impressed and my wife still talks about how that moment melted her heart each and every Valentine’s Day!

If you have to stay home for Valentine’s Day, perhaps you can include your

children in part of the festivities, do this while encouraging them to share their talents.

If your son or daughter sings, then have them sing you a love song. If they paint or draw then have them prepare a piece of art for the occasion. If they write then encourage them to create a special poem. If they are a cheerleader have them give you a special cheer. If they do magic, then ask them to do some tricks for you.

You get the idea….

Every couple knows that the greatest gift they have ever given to each other is their children.

They should also know that one of the best gifts you can give to your children

is positive encouragement. Encourage kids to share their talents!

Kids love to be included in special occasions. So why not have them share one of their talents on Valentine’s Day or some other holiday?! They will love it and you may end up having a memory that lasts longer than a dozen roses and a box of chocolates.

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