5 Tips for Summer-Reading Success

With summer already underway, you may have started trying to figure out how you’re going to keep your kids interested in reading this summer. Here are some tips to encourage a summer full of reading:

1. Keep books everywhere—in the playroom, in the bedroom, in the car. The more accessible books are, the more they’ll get read.

2. Visit the library often. You can even make it a part of your weekly routine, so your kids know that they’ll go on a certain day each week.

3. Allow your children to choose at least some of the library books you get. Sure, you may have some books that you’d really like them to read, but make sure that they have a chance to pick out some on their own, too. Kids are far more excited to read books that they have chosen for themselves.

4. Read books in front of your children. You are your children’s biggest role model. If they see you reading for fun and enjoying it, they’re more likely to want to read as well.

5. Join the library’s Summer Reading Club. Our club offers some pretty awesome incentives for reading over the summer.

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