5 Things You Have to Do in Downtown Miamisburg

This past weekend my family attended Riverblast, a community event in downtown Miamisburg. Being pretty unfamiliar with this city we made sure to check out anything and everything we could. Here are some MUST SEES for your family when you visit this historic town! 



  1. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop! Located at 42 South Main St. in the heart of downtown Miamisburg, Grandpa Joe’s has a HUGE variety of candies, soda pop and more! They even offer to send your family a Golden Ticket for FREE CANDY (check it out)!
  2. Visit Riverfront Park and let your kiddos play in the new interactive fountain! 
  3. Track down the world famous Hamburger Wagon for a quick bite. Think you know how to make a hamburger – guess again! The Hamburger Wagon boasts of simple ingredients and toppings: Pickes, Onion, Salt and Pepper, that’s it! 🙂
  4. Enjoy live music! Downtown Miamisburg is always hosting great community events with live music! Follow them on Facebook and stay updated on when to expect a live performance.
  5. End the day with dessert from Spoonful, the Edible Cookie Dough Place! Yum! 


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