5 Reasons to Visit Mackinac Island 

Arch Rock

If your family is looking for a fun vacation that really gives you the chance to unplug, then check out Mackinac Island.  Just an eight-hour drive from Dayton, a trip to Mackinac will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world. With a ban on motorized vehicles throughout the island, you’ll travel by foot, bike or horse and buggy – which makes appreciating the Victorian architecture throughout the area that much more enjoyable. There are dozens of reasons to visit Mackinac, but here’s our top five:

1. Brighten the sky with your favorite kite!

One of the island’s most popular activities is staking out a spot on the beach or lawn to fly a kite. Bring one from home or purchase a kite from one of the many shops on the island. Watch your kites soar above the sky with the ideal wind conditions blowing in from Lake Huron.

2. Bike around the whole Island

The entire perimeter of Mackinac is just 8.3 miles. Depending on the speed of your group, you can see the whole island in just an hour or travel at a more leisurely pace enjoying the stunning views along your path. Bring your camera – there are many picture perfect backdrops along the way for that ideal family picture.

Arch Rock is the perfect stop on your bike ride around the Island

3. Sample fudge for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Mackinac Island is well-known for its  fudge! From the second you step off the ferry, the aroma of fudge surrounds you. The island even hosts an entire weekend dedicated to this sweet confection during their annual Fudge Festival. The varieties of fudge available are nearly endless, so take advantage of the free samples that shops will offer to help you find your favorite.

4. Drive your own horse and buggy

Step back in time and take your family on a horse and buggy ride through the trails of Mackinac Island State Park. Buggies are available for two, four, or six passengers so the whole family can hop on board and get behind the reins.

5. Sneak in some educational opportunities

Mackinac Island boasts  forts, museums, and historical sites that can add a bit of learning to the family vacation. Kids will love running though Fort Mackinac and hearing the cannon fire, all while soaking in the history of the island.

Millie on Mackinac Island

Mackinac is a great vacation for the whole family, even Millie the dog can’t wait to go back!

Where to stay

Mackinac Island offers lodging for every budget, from resorts to bed and breakfasts. For a special home away from home, try Mission Point Resort. Designed with families in mind, Mission Point Resort offers “family suites” with a bedroom for the kids and another for mom and dad. The resort also provides a kids club, arcade, movie theater, free dining for kids under 12 plus other family friendly amenities.

Mission Point Resort

Mission Point Resort

Mission Point Resort

Mission Point Resort

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