Would You Rather?

My mom and sister live in Cincinnati so we travel back and forth a lot from Dayton to visit and let my kids see their Grandma and Aunt. To keep my children occupied (ages 7 and 6) we make up games like “Create a Story” where one of us says a line and the next person adds to it or “Would You Rather?” I have learned a lot about my kids through the years and what their favorite things are at that moment in life. I also learned that they are hilarious. There have been many conversations where we just crack up laughing or they catch me off guard with an answer that I would never have expected. Some of my favorites included the following: (Ages 4 and 3) I asked, “Abby, who is your best friend right now?” and my 4 year old responded with “Ellie, my sissy!”. I then asked “Ellie, who is your best friend right now?” and my 3 year old responded with “Spongebob Squarepants” very matter of fact. I have found out things like who their best friends are through the years, what their favorite shows or princesses are at that moment, what boys they have crushes on, what sports they love, what they want to be when they grow up, what kind of ice cream is their favorite and many other fun answers. Through the years you have to start getting creative so I asked last week “if you could choose between yellow rain or green rain which would you rather have?” My 6 year old responded with “Not yellow! It would look like we are being peed on!!” Then the very next question I asked “Which would you rather drive- a truck or a bus?” Ellie then responded with “Neither- I don’t know how to drive.” Funny AND smart! I will always cherish these car rides with my children and look forward to their future answers as long as they will let me ask. It is in the little moments that mean the most to us.

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