Why Germantown, OH Rocks!

If you are from Germantown, OH, you probably have lived there most of your life if not your whole life.  Maybe you are a lucky transplant because your husband likes the country and you like the city so you landed somewhere in between.  Whatever your reason, you are loving life in little town USA- Germantown.  From the concrete lions perched on many front porches to the quaint covered bridge, there is something for everyone in this little town that is definitely not sleepy.


The Valley View school system is top notch making Germantown a big reason many young families move to the area and their love for High School football doesn’t ever sway.  On a cool crisp night, if you aren’t at the game (which pretty much everyone is) you can hear the announcer calling the plays as you leave your dinner at the historic Florentine restaurant.  They have everything you need within one mile but if you felt the need to go to the big city (Miamisburg) then it is just a short 15 minute drive.

Germantown, OH has the very popular ByJo Movie Theatre that plays one movie at a time which is usually a latest attraction and offers tickets for only $5.  That is less then half the cost at most any other big movie theatre.  This theatre dates back to 1926 (before it was moved) and you can just feel the nostalgia within its walls.  On the same street is Dabble Studio which offers art classes for children after school, canvas paint nights and birthday parties perfect for your creative soul.

The Germantown Library has so much to offer with the many active programs keeping this bustling town of just under 5000 busy on a summer’s day. The Germantown Aquatic Center is the perfect size pool to keep your kiddos cool but not too big that you lose track of them.  Just look up from your lawn chair and they are most likely the ones screaming with laughter as they go down the water slide.  The Germantown Metropark and Twin Creek Metropark are amazing places to take a hike and breathe in nature during every season.  And then don’t forget the Saturday Night Out street parties and Germantown Pretzel Festival that give non locals a taste of what this city has to offer. In a town that everyone truly knows everyone, it is still nice to see such simplicity.  Today- we salute you Germantown, OH.  You have so much to be proud of and to show off.



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