Why Dad’s Need Daughters

The instant my wife learned she was pregnant with our first and only child I knew that it would be a girl.

Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did. As it turns out it was one of those rare times in life when I was right.

Due to my foresight I had time to prepare mentally for bows, dresses, ponytails and painted nails.

What I wasn’t fully prepared for was all of ways a daughter can make a Dad’s life better.

Here are just some of those ways!

Daughters love their dad unconditionally and care about you even when you screw up!

Daughters love to be protected by their Dad as much as we love to protect them

Daughters are proud of you whether you burn a burger on the grill or make a million dollar deal

Daughters can turn your crappy day into a better one with a simple “I Love You Daddy”!

Daughters will change their minds often and have the ability to charm you into changing yours.

Daughters make you want to go to work to provide for them and make you want to come back home to hug them.

Daughters somehow make you enjoy afternoon tea with dolls and teddy bears. Crazy but true!

Daughters teach you how to be a Psychiatrist, Doctor, Mathematician and Driving Instructor.

Daughters teach you to value a woman’s personality more than her looks!

Daughters can give you high fives after your team scores a touchdown or cheer for a game winning basket.

Daughters can be silly one minute and serious the next and expect you to be prepared for either mood.

Daughters teach you about compassion and giving to others.

Daughters have amounts of sensitivity and toughness that will both surprise you and impress you.

Daughters make a deliberate effort to like things their Dad likes. This explains why my Men at Work CD is missing.

Daughters are far better listeners than most Dads are and they willingly offer encouragement to you!

Daughters teach you to be thankful for simple moments.

Daughters help you appreciate the meaning of “blossoming beauty” when they dress up for their first dance.

Daughters think you’re a hero for killing a spider or changing a light bulb!

Daughters make you love pets all over again.

Daughters teach you to love music you never thought you would.

Daughters help you understand and love your wife a little more than you did before!

Daughters make you more fashionable and make you feel like your cool at least until they reach their late teens.

Daughters love to thank their dads, they do this verbally but more often they do it with a look of love.

Most importantly a daughter turns every Dad into a better man.

They make our jaws drop as we watch how beautiful they become both inside and out.

They make our shoulders stronger from the piggy back rides we give them.

They make our feet step backwards as we take in their grace and poise.

They make our faces beam with pride as we see the things they accomplish.

And finally they make our hearts grow bigger with a type of love that will never be equaled.

Every daughter needs her Dad, but each and every Dad needs a daughter even more!

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