What Type of Mattress is Best for You?

If you’re in the market for a mattress, then it’s a good idea to keep several standard criteria in mind for getting one that suits your needs. If nothing else, this helps you navigate the range of options available, as the market for mattresses is quite varied.


Let’s take a look at the attributes of a good sleeping surface before you actively go mattress buying.

Buying Mattresses Online

The ease-of-use and availability of computers has made buying a mattress a different experience than in times past. Although this, of course, has some benefits; it also has some problems – one in particular: you cannot “test-drive” the mattress before you buy it. Experts, in fact, recommend laying on a mattress for about 15 minutes before making the purchase decision.

There’s a solution when you decide to buy a mattress online: reviews. What do other satisfied customers say about the mattresses that interest you? This is a good way to determine whether the coiled-spring from one brand is better suited to your sleeping pattern than the air-filled option from another brand.

  1. Mattress with Inner Springs: This is one of the most popular types of mattresses still in circulation. Internally, it’s comprised of steel coils spaced apart at regular intervals, which provide support and the desired level of firmness. This firmness takes the form of a measurement: the gauge of the metal spring. Pay attention to the listed size, as it determines how the mattress will feel once you lay on it.
  2. Memory Foam: This is pretty much what it sounds like – a mattress that, more or less, “remembers” the shape, contour and weight of the body that lays in it most regularly. It’s comprised of a special type of foam (polyurethane, in most cases) that takes it easy on your tendons and joints. If you don’t mind sinking a bit into your bed, then memory foam may be the material for you. Of course, the amount of sinkage is adjustable – always read reviews and understand the measurements before you buy.
  3. Mattresses Made of Latex: Latex, which you probably recognize as just rubber, is valued for its dual properties in a mattress: it supports weight very well, endowing the mattress with a sort of “springiness”; while also maintaining a soft surface. It’s actually quite difficult to get these dual properties from any other single substance, which is why it’s in such high demand. You’ll generally pay a pretty penny for a latex mattress – but shop around.
  4. Air Mattress: This type is usually adjustable, which allows you to change the amount of pressure inside. Of course, you could also buy the correct level of pressure outright, as the pre-made ones tend to be less expensive. Most of the mattress is made of foam, but the highest level (the one you sleep on) has air cavities that proper you up.

A Great Mattress Helps You Sleep Soundly

Ultimately, everyone desires a good night’s rest. It, in large, part, determines how well your day goes, and whether you can even get to sleep soundly. With the amount of technology that goes into today’s options, you can get nearly anything you want – firmness, softness, supportability and a range of materials.

With the properties of each of the above types spelled out, you should be able to secure a mattress as close as possible to the one. Conditions such as insomnia have even been known to be positively affected by the comfort of your sleeping surface, so put some time and effort into your research; your rested body will thank you for it later.

Want more information on purchasing a mattress online? Take a look at the Mattress Buying Guide by Sam’s Club.


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