These Crazy Hectic Days That Seem to Blur Together

These crazy hectic days that seem to blur together for many of us parents right now mean we are in the midst of the best years of our lives.  It may be hard to see between the lack of sleep puffy eyes, Legos all over the floor, children running in and out of rooms haze but many say it really is.  So I want to be in the moment and soak up the joy of cuddles on the couch, “mom, I need help” cries, and night time routines that seem to take longer and longer.  It is nice to be needed 🙂

Our day yesterday was a crazy one as I am sure the week leading up to Christmas is for many.  The day started calm enough with lazy kiddos not wanting to get up and ready for school but eventually realizing it is a fun week with class parties and gifts so they scarfed down their Blueberry Eggo Waffles, pulled everything out of their folders leaving a mess for me to go through and clean up, and made it to the bus with seconds to spare.  I do love that they have to have a few hugs from momma before they get on the bus still.

I came home to throw some laundry in to hopefully make a dent in our mountain, straightened the first floor in case any neighbors or family pop by (please just stay on the main floor and don’t look at the mess up stairs!), did dishes from last nights shake and bake pork chops meal that the girls barely touched because all they want right now is Kraft Mac and Cheese and then sat down to work.  These days, I have to question myself often.  How the heck do I have any time to work?!  I am thankful that it is from my home and that I get to be here for emergencies and not have to get out of my comfy clothes if I don’t want to but it is very much a challenge to fit it all in.

Once the kids get home the craziness ensues again and I have to take one to the eye Dr. because of complaints of blurry vision and then yep, she needed glasses so we picked out a pretty rainbow pair because in her mind they match EVERYTHING.  Then that same child had her first Ortho appointment and got braces on the same day as new glasses.  All she needs now is a bad perm and we are good to go for the “awkward” phase 😉  We come home excited to show daddy and sis the new “Abby” and she goes from excitement to sheer devastation as she runs upstairs to say hi to her hamster “Winter”.  Somehow Winter got out of the wire cage for the first time and the dog did what dogs do and protected his home.  As it laid there lifeless and my child is screaming- I tried to cover it up quickly and console her while daddy gently grabbed it and cleaned up the mess as well as removed the cage.  We had a hamster burial that evening as a beautiful sunset surrounded us.

It seems like when one child is acting up, the other is fine or when one child is having the “worst day ever” the other is fine.  Thank goodness for this because I don’t think I could have handled much more in a span of just a couple hours.  We tried to distract my 9 year old and put gifts together for our neighbors in stockings and prepared the teacher/bus driver gifts for the next morning as well as the class gift exchange presents.  She is a tough one and it was a day I am sure she will remember for a while but it is in this blur of craziness that life is happening and again, it is so nice to be needed.

I know that the days leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are crazy for us parents and I hope that you are able to enjoy the little moments (even hard ones) because these really are the days we will best remember.  I am so thankful and filled with Christmas spirit.  I hope you are as well.  Enjoy your littles.

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