Take Control of Your Space with the Car Caché!

I am always looking for products and tips to make my life easier. I post many of these ideas on the Silver Lining Organizers Facebook page and Silver Lining Organizers Pinterest Boards. Recently, however, I found a product that I love so much I wanted to share it with all of you! Not only is it functional – it also uses wasted space! I love that!

This product is the Car Caché. It was developed by Catherine Seifert. Catherine saw a need to keep her handbag clean and accessible in the car. Where do you place your handbag in the car? The passenger seat? The backseat? The floor? Your lap? Each of these places poses a different problem. The passenger seat isn’t always available. The backseat is inaccessible, the floor is dirty, and your lap is inconvenient and dangerous! Catherine knew there had to be a solution – and she invented it: the Car Caché,

The Car Caché is made out of mesh and nylon strapping that is lightweight and flexible. The hooks attach to the headrest and are strong and sturdy. Installation took about 45 seconds!

This accessory keeps your handbag free from dirt, spills and damage, while still allowing you easy access. It is simple, lightweight, easy to install. The Car Caché accommodates all sizes of handbags.

I have used the Car Caché for about a week and I cannot imagine life without it! I use it for my handbag, shopping bag, jacket and lunch tote! My kids use it as well for their backpacks and sports bags. Everyone who sees it wants to know what it is and where I got it! This invention will make your life easier every day!

Dayton Parent Magazine and Silver Lining Organizers have teamed up with Catherine and are giving away one FREE Car Caché! The lucky winner will be picked on November 21, 2013. Enter to win on the Silver Lining Organizers Facebook Page. You can find the Car Caché at www.getcarcache.com and Amazon.com!

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