Southwest Ohio Waterfall Road Trip

Fallsville Falls
If you have never traveled to see some of Ohio’s most beautiful waterfalls- Put this on your summer to-do list! Nothing short of breathtaking views close to home, Southwest Ohio has some of the best sightseeing available! 



This remote, gorge is piled high with hemlock and bound by steep rock walls and their accompanying grottos and waterfalls. It is a wild and lonely but spectacularly beautiful place. Cedar Falls itself is the greatest waterfall in terms of volume in the Hocking region. Queer Creek tumbles over the face of the Blackhand sandstone displaying the awesome force of water power. 21190 OH-374, Logan, OH, 43138


The 15-foot Fallsville Falls is located in the Fallsville Falls Wildlife Area. The falls is named for a town that no longer exists. The area is now mostly farmland. The waterfall is hidden away in a small wooded gorge. 10211 Careytown Rd., New Vienna, OH 45159

Fallsville Falls


A boardwalk, steps and an overlook were constructed in 2006 to aid in accessibility of the community viewers, but as to protect the natural ecosystem as well. There are a few picnic tables are on upper level and a small parking lot is also available. This park includes a unique gorge habitat that only occurs along the western shore of the Scioto River. This ecosystem is home to a beautiful 35-foot waterfall and also rare and endangered plants. 4326 Hayden Run Dr., Dublin, OH 43017


Indian Run Falls is a unique site in Dublin because of its pristine waterfalls and stream that were once home to Wyandot tribe members. The City has provided access to the Indian Run gorge and waterfalls area by adding nature trails, observation platforms, a bridge traversing the waterfalls and shelter houses west of the falls. 700 Shawan Falls Dr., Dublin, OH 43017

Indian Run Falls

Indian Run Falls


Greenville Falls has 92 acres and nearly 1 mile of trail. It’s a wonderful place to take a stroll, admire historical features and view wildlife. Situated along Greenville Creek, Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area is full of unique natural features. The 20-foot cascading waterfall is a beautiful sight in any season. Also along the river is a natural limestone arch formed by flowing water. 9140 Covington- Gettysburg Rd., Covington, OH 45318


While the West Milton Cascades isn’t the most impressive waterfall in the area in terms of water volume, the cascades are a welcomed escape in the middle of the town of West Milton. With two sets of stairs down to the base and several observation areas to enjoy the cascading falls, visitors can also find a small parking lot across the Masonic Lodge.  Ohio Route 48 and OH-571


Ludlow Falls is located in the town of the same name. In most towns named ‘Falls’ you usually find a dam where there once was a waterfall, but Ludlow Falls still flows free. Accessing the falls is easy, but you could easily miss it if you are just passing by. The waterfall is directly under the bridge that carries Route 48 over the creek, and cannot be seen at all from the road. Miami County- Ludlow Falls, OH 45339

Ludlow Falls


Charleston Falls Preserve has over 216 acres of prairie and forests and nearly 4 miles of trails. It’s the perfect place to hike and view wildlife. The most unusual feature of this preserve is the unique waterfall. 2535 Ross Rd., Tipp City OH 45371


The Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve is located in southwestern Ohio near the town of Clifton. Here the Little Miami river races through a 40-foot deep rocky limestone gorge. The 269-acre preserve is adjacent to John Bryan State Park. There is a pair of trails that follow the rim of the gorge, and a trail through the gorge. 2381 OH-343, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Clifton Gorge

Clifton Gorge Falls

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