Sleeping Beauty: The Story of Briar Rose

Dayton Ballet presents Sleeping Beauty: The Story of Briar Rose, a classical version of with a few creative twists of their own April 12- 14 at the Schuster Center.





The classic story of Sleeping Beauty was first performed as a ballet in Russia in 1890, with music from the famed composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The story of the beautiful princess, her guardian fairies, the evil spell of the darkened slumber, and the magic kiss has been passed down through generations. The lovely fairy tale has appeared on stage in so many different forms over the last 130 years, depending on the vision of the storyteller at hand.

Dayton Ballet Artistic Director Karen Russo Burke has her own magical vision of this story, influenced by the artwork of Gustav Klimt. Dayton Ballet presents a classical version of Sleeping Beauty with a few creative twists of our own. This original presentation of this classic tale is draped lusciously in nature, with settings of whimsical gardens and ominous forests, with fairies named after flowers from which they pull their virtues, and even down to the beautiful name of our leading maiden: Briar Rose. Evil enters in the form of a vulturelike forest villain named Cinereous, and one prick of the finger from a black rose turns sweet Briar Rose into our beloved Sleeping Beauty.

With original libretto and choreography by Karen Russo Burke, unique costumes by well-known dance designer Christine Darch, amazing sets by Lewis Folden, and live music from the impeccable Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Sleeping Beauty: The Story of Briar Rose takes the stage by storm to steal your heart away.

The Schuster Center is located at 1 W 2nd St, Dayton, Ohio 45402. for tickets click here.

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