Reasons we love Dayton!

Dayton is an awesome place to raise families and these are just some of the reasons why we love this city…

1. Everyone is just so nice- Really!  Some cities are a little harder to get to know others and make friends.  Dayton has a ton of mom/dad groups, Facebook city pages, community events, etc. and (most) everyone is excited to help you get adjusted or introduce you to others.  They also do something called Downtown Dayton’s First Friday and many of the downtown businesses open their doors for entertainment and to introduce you to what they offer.  This is a fun family night out or date night idea.

2. We are a military town with Wright Patterson Air Force Base at the center.  It never gets old to look up and see military planes flying over the city.  We are lucky to have this great base as a part of Dayton and even luckier to be able to enjoy the National Air Force Museum for FREE.  They are both at the core of who and what we are.

3. We bleed green for Dayton Dragons and red for University of Dayton Basketball.  When Dayton brings sports to the area, we support them!  Dayton Dragons holds the record for being the most sold out team in pro sports- pretty impressive for little ole Dayton 😉

4. There is no shortage in outdoor play as the Five Rivers MetroParks have over 19 parks all over our great city with free fun for all ages.  They even do the Midwest Outdoor Experience which draws in thousands and allows kids/adults to try new activities such as backpacking, zip lining, fly fishing, mountain biking and more.

5. FESTIVALS!  We love our festivals and almost every city has their own and for some reason they are all themed with food (not that we are complaining!)  Strawberry Festival, Pretzel Festival, Sauerkraut Festival, Pork Festival are just a few and there is an abundance of fried foods, craft vendors, and rides to go around.

6. We have a ton of history from our little town.  The Wright Brothers were born here hence the idea of “flight”, Annie Oakley is buried just down the street in Greenville, and we were the host of the very first National League Football game!  Set up a day to explore Dayton Historical Society, Sunwatch Village, and Carillon Park for some family fun.

7. Dayton was also the inventor’s capital of the US in the early 1900s.  The following things were invented or inventors were born right here!  Cash Registers, Pop Top Beverage Cans, Electric Wheelchairs, Parking Meters, Step Ladders, Cellophane Tape, Gas Masks, Parachutes, Space Food, and Movie Projectors to name a few- who knew?!

8. We have the best pizza, steak and dessert around. Literally.  Pine Club Steakhouse was voted as one of their top picks from Food Network, USA Today and NY Times.  Marion’s Pizza has the most delicious thin crust sausage covered pizza and Fronana has healthy ice cream made out of bananas and mixed with lots of yummy flavors.  I know, your mouth is watering.

9. Creativity flows from every city within Dayton.  We love how Dayton lights up the night with beautiful bright lights and giant water features that greet any guest.  We also love how Victoria Theatre and Schuster Center have all of the best top Broadway shows right here in our little Midwest town.  La Comedia Dinner Theatre also brings forth some great talent as well as sweet potato suffle and Fraze Pavilion and Rose Music Center bring in huge national talent for concerts and fun nights out.

10. Cost of Living cannot be beat.  Dayton has the greatest little airport (Dayton International Airport) with big flights making for easy travel, homes can be purchased double the size in other cities for the same money and yet pay for jobs is at an all time high with big companies coming in everyday wanting to set up roots in our awesome town.  Who can blame them?!

Everything you could possibly need is right here in our hometown.  If we want to travel to the bigger cities like Cincinnati, Columbus or Indy we can within an hour or two for a lovely weekend getaway which makes it even better.  The city has done a great job of building our future but it really all comes down to the people.  We may be a little biased here but believe Daytonians are the best.  If you are thinking of moving here, do it without question.  If you are fortunate to already live here, enjoy every minute.

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