Race for Time

At first when we were young it seemed like the days dragged on and we were always racing to be bigger and older so we could either cross the road or drive a car. And then once we graduated high school we couldn’t wait until we had more experience so we could get a better job. When we met a significant other we couldn’t wait to see if they were “The One.” Once we get married we are looking forward to the next step and beginning our family. When we are pregnant we are often waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel when we finally get to meet our new bundle of joy. And then BAM! The race goes from forward to backwards. Time was not fast enough and now all of a sudden it is going too fast. Yes, there are many moments that we look forward to like seeing who they will turn into and what they will become or maybe even until we are Empty Nesters (on those rough days) but overall we are wishing time would stand still. It would be so nice to be able to always smell their tiny newborn heads and hold their hands. The power of magic kisses and band-aids goes a long way. We are sad when nap times end and when we have to kiss them goodbye on their first day of Kindergarten. However, if we go about it with the mentality that every age is the most exciting then just maybe we will be able to appreciate the moment we are in instead of racing forward or looking back. Savor every age and be thankful.

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