Preventing Vision Loss in Ohio’s Preschoolers

Seven Pediatrician Offices Taking Part in Statewide Program to Prevent Vision Loss in Ohio’s Preschoolers
(Dayton, Ohio) – Seven PriMed pediatrician offices in the Dayton area announced a partnership with the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) and Prevent Blindness to improve preschool vision screenings and prevent vision loss in children 3-5 years of age.
During the toddler years, children develop many vision skills that tie directly into their coordination and the skills necessary to learn to read. This period is also when vision problems may arise. Through the Preschool Vision Screening Program, participating physicians will work to improve the number of screenings and preventative services for eye health provided.
The practices involved are PriMed Beavercreek Pediatrics, PriMed Centerville Pediatrics, PriMed Huber Heights Pediatrics, PriMed Kettering Pediatrics, PriMed Northwest Dayton Pediatrics, PriMed Springboro Pediatrics and PriMed Wright Dunbar Pediatrics.
“It’s difficult to know if a child at this age has a vision problem,” said Lisa Ziemnik, MD, FAAP, program medical director. “By participating in this program, the physicians at these practices are showing they are committed to helping the parents and patients identify problems and get them any needed treatment.”
Eleven pediatric and family practices statewide are taking part in this program. Through this program, participants will also become a Prevent Blindness America Certified Vision Screener.
The Ohio AAP runs a variety of programs that promote the health, safety and wellbeing of children and adolescents in the state of Ohio including immunizations, mental health, nutrition, injury prevention and more. Go to to find more information.
The  Ohio  Chapter  of  the  American  Academy  of  Pediatrics  (Ohio  AAP)  promotes  the  health,  safety   and  well-­‐being  of  children  and  adolescents  so  they  may  reach  their  full  potential.  The  Ohio  AAP   works  to  accomplish  this  by  addressing  the  needs  of  children,  their  families,  and  their   communities,  and  by  supporting  Chapter  members  through  advocacy,  education,  research,   service,  and  improving  the  systems  through  which  they  deliver  pediatric  care.       With  19  locations  throughout  Greater  Dayton,  PriMed  offers  exceptional  healthcare  services  in   Family  Practice,  Internal  Medicine,  Pediatrics,  Endocrinology  and  Neurology.  PriMed  Physicians   is  an  independently  owned  medical  group.  Go  to  for  more  information     ###  OHIO  AAP   MEDIA  CONTACT:  Melanie  Farkas,  614/846-­‐6258,  [email protected]   PRIMED  MEDIA  CONTACT:  Terri  Wellman,  513/533-­‐6508,   [email protected]

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