Practical Tips to Help Parents Clean & Stage Their Homes to Sell Faster

Cleaning and staging a home can take time. So if you’re a busy parent, you may be looking for solutions to prevent prepping your home from stressing you out. Silver Lining Organizers can help you get your home ready for potential buyers by putting everything in order. You can also benefit from these nifty tricks to help you stay sane and your home stay clean for showings and open houses:

Don’t Overlook Minor Details

Addressing big tasks like cleaning and decluttering is important, but keep in mind that when buyers come to your house or look at pictures online, they’re taking every aspect into consideration. This means smaller but equally important details, like the appearance of your furniture. Even if you plan on taking your furniture with you, its condition will likely factor into a buyer’s decision (i.e., when they’re determining the cleanliness of the home).

If your furniture has seen better days, you don’t have to buy all-new pieces to appeal to buyers. You can simply replace the fabric on the furniture you already have. If you lack the time for this, hire a furniture reupholstery service to get the job done for you. It can cost anywhere from $350 to $1,000 depending on the type of fabric and how much of it is needed.

Hire a Professional Housekeeper & Cleaner

If you’re maxed out on time and constantly stressed out with parenting responsibilities, then hiring local housekeeping services may be your best option for getting your house spotless and keeping it that way while you try to sell your home. Hiring a housekeeper can even help your home sell faster.

Maid services will offer more in-depth cleaning services, so be sure to weigh each option to determine which is the best for your needs and your budget. If you decide to call around to local housekeeping and maid companies, The Spruce recommends asking about a professional interior deep cleaning. This service will likely be separate from routine maid or housekeeping services but will help get your home spotless.

Schedule a Sitter to Help With DIY Cleaning Projects

Prefer to clean your home without the help of professionals? Then you should at least consider hiring professionals to help out with your children as you take on this essential staging task.

If you need help finding a sitter, MommyBytes suggests a few simple tricks to locate someone you can trust to help keep an eye on your children. Check in with local faith organizations, your pediatrician, or with online sitting services that pre-vet sitters. This will allow you to focus on all of those detailed deep cleaning and decluttering projects that will help stage your home for buyers. Keep in mind that a babysitter charges an average of $16.75 per hour to look after one child, so if it’s not in your budget, you can also consider asking friends or family members to help out with your little ones.

Have Children Help With Decluttering & Cleaning Tasks

Depending on the age of your little ones, you can always put them to work helping out with household chores that will help keep your home clean for showings. Try to keep your kids’ age and abilities in mind when assigning chore responsibilities and also consider setting up a reward system to keep your kids motivated. Chores help to teach children about responsibility and will help them establish healthy habits to reduce stress in adulthood.

Since tidying can be a real challenge in kids’ rooms and play areas, you should also think about letting your children help with decluttering these spaces. As your children choose toys and other items to throw away or donate, have them thank those possessions for the joy brought by them. They can then donate those items to worthy causes, and enjoy all sorts of warm fuzzies as a result.

Selling a home doesn’t have to put extra pressure on parents. Consider getting help from outside sources, such as Silver Lining Organizers, so you don’t have to stress about cleaning and staging your home. With a few simple tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be moving in no time!


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