Perfect Patriot Projects

Celebrate your Independence Day with more than just fireworks!  Decorate the house in red, white, and blue by displaying your American creations!  Here’s a list of the top ten Fourth of July themed projects for this year!  

1.  Red, White & Blue Paper Lanterns:

All you need is cardstock, scissors, glue, stapler, and a ruler!  However, add ons such as glitter, cut-outs, and ribbons would be a fun way to spice it up.  Optional:  Glue carsick to the bottom and put in LED tea lights!  Instructions for lanterns found here.

2.  Popsicle Stick American Flag

A simpler idea that everyone can do!  Just paint jumbo popsicle sticks red, white, and blue and glue!  You can make multiple to string around the house with red ribbon or prop them up like picture frames. Optional:  Finish with clear glitter glue to brighten it up.  Full list of materials and instructions here.

3.  Fireworks in a Bottle (Great for younger kids)

While it is nothing more than a Independence Day themed sensory bottle, its sure to add something special to the house.  Basic materials include just include a matter bottle and pipe cleaners, but adding curling ribbon, baby oil, sparkles, buttons, or food coloring would be a great way to add.
Optional:  Hot glue the tops on when the kids are done to prevent wet and messy accidents.  Craft found here.

4.  American Pretzel Bites

There’s nothing a better than a craft that produces a sweet and salty snack!  The kids will be begging to help whip these up (for once some help in the kitchen!).  Simply take pretzel snaps (the hashtag looking ones), press melted white candy melts on top, and decorate with mini red and blue M&M’s.  Optional:  use chocolate melts instead of candy melts or use blue and red sprinkles!  There are endless possibilities, but the original is found here.

5.  Fourth of July Wreath

Who said wreaths were just for Christmas?  Probably one of the simpler DIY wreaths, all you need is a paper plate, star cut-outs, and streamers!  You can buy foamy star cut-outs, make them with cardstock, or completely ditch the idea and use hand cut-outs.  Optional:  use curling ribbon instead of streamers.  Complete instruction found here.

6.  Patriotic Paper Plate Hat

Even more glamorous than it sounds!  The first and hardest step is to a paper plate in a hat fashion, picture and instruction here. Choose whatever color scheme for the hat by painting the plate or just painting the triangles.   Remember to hole punch either side of the plate and attach a thin elastic, so it can be comfortably warm.  Optional:  glue stars to the triangles!

7.  Fourth of July Necklace

Instead of going to the dollar store for some flimsy accessories, make an activity out of it!   Use string for necklaces or pipe cleaners for bracelets and string on pony beads & cut up straw pieces.  Make sure to tie a bead to the end of the string before starting so the beads and string don’t fly off.  Make patterns or enjoy the randomness of it all.  **Warning: this is a choking hazard for small children.  Original craft found here.

8.  Independence Day themed Wands

It will be just as fun to make them as it will be to play with them!  The easiest method is to take a wooden dowel (sticks might work) and wrap all types of ribbon around!  For the advanced method, click here.  Optional:  paint and decorate the wand.

9.  Red, White & Blue Coffee Filter Bunting

Super easy craft everyone can join in on!  Spread out the coffee filters somewhere they won’t bleed through, and paint away!  Either staple them below the string or glue the string into the fillers.  Hang ’em up!  For the original and pictures, click here.  Optional:  glue starts to the white space on the filters.

10.  Paper Chain American Flag

This fun and festive craft requires very minimal resources, making it great for a last minute project!  Cut your red, white, and blue construction paper lengthwise into one inch strips.  Use the instructions here to link them all together.  Optional:  Glue star cut-outs to the blue links!


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