Pediatrician-Approved Immunization Resources Right at Your Fingertips

Fast VAX Facts is a free mobile app that brings trusted, credible and useful information about childhood immunizations right to your mobile device. Search for answers to your questions, find out what vaccines are due at your child’s upcoming well-child visit, learn about outbreaks in your county and more – all from the convenience of your phone or tablet!

Created by The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP), in partnership with the Ohio Department of Health, Fast VAX Facts is the go-to resource for providers, parents and caregivers. No more searching the internet and trying to decipher the vast amount of information and opinions on the subject. Fast VAX Facts is brought to you by pediatricians and provides the credible, easy-to-understand and trusted information you need to make the right decisions for your child(ren). The Ohio AAP reviews the content on Fast VAX Facts for accuracy monthly and provides updates as new information becomes available.

Features for parents:
  • -An interactive immunization schedule that can be customized by your child’s age. The schedule provides detailed information about what immunizations are suggested at each well-child visit. In addition, the app allows you to track when immunizations were received and provides customized alerts when the next vaccinations are required.
  • -Common questions and answers, searchable and categorized for ease in review.
  • -A series of short videos recorded by a pediatrician that address the most common immunization questions and concerns.
  • -An interactive map that provides outbreaks by county and HPV cancer rates.
  • -A listing of pediatrician-approved links and resources to help parents ensure they are accessing credible, reliable data and information about immunizations.
  • -The ability to share reliable facts and resources with your friends and family with the push of a button.
  • -Breaking news alerts on outbreaks, new research and other important immunization headlines.
Features for Providers:
  • -The ability to quickly locate and share information with parents on a tablet in the provider’s office, when questions or concerns are raised.
  • -The option to email parents additional immunization information directly from the app.

Download Fast VAX Facts for FREE today at the App Store or on Google Play!



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