Our Little Turkey

Each year we bring her out and she takes her place on top of our kitchen counter.

It’s the smallest turkey you’ll ever find, but it’s hugely important to our household.

The turkey is a craft our daughter made when she was young and it reminds us of what Thanksgiving is

all about.  It has a simple design. A turkey’s body, head and four wings made out of some felt type

material.  Each wing contains a word that represents what my daughter was thankful for at the time.

The words she chose are:  Family, Food, Clothing and God. I know I’m her Dad, but I must say my

Daughter “nailed it”.  The words and the sentiment have stood the test of time all these years and

they seem to sum up Thanksgiving perfectly. Thanksgiving is about getting dressed up, enjoying food

and being with family. Most importantly it’s about being grateful for all of God’s blessings.

That little turkey also serves as an important reminder! Too many people have very little clothing, are

frightfully under nourished and they don’t have family or friends to celebrate the holidays with. These

are the people we should think about during Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. If your family is

amply blessed, then help bless another family too. Make a meal, provide food or volunteer to help at

local food banks,  go through your closet and donate usable clothing to stores like (Goodwill or Salvation

Army). The Red Cross also needs clothing for victims of wildfires and other natural disasters this year.

Invite those who might be forgotten to share Thanksgiving or another special meal with you.

That little turkey on our kitchen counter is a unique reminder of the blessings my family has, received b

but it serves as an important reminder to think of others this holiday season and beyond!

My message to you is as simple as that little turkey …Remember to be thankful this

holiday season and be giving to those that need some help.

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