Organizing Kid’s Schoolwork

Kids are wonderful! They bring so much hope and joy to our world. Once they start school they also bring home stuff – and lots of it. Each picture, test, grade, paper and project is a memory you just want to keep forever! Over the course of 13 years (or even 2 years!), that can really add up – especially in the early years when they make a new “work of art” every day. How do you decide what to keep and what to toss? How do you organize what you keep?

Here is a great way to control schoolwork clutter:

Supplies: Files folders and a portable file box

1) Organize everything by the Year. Use a File box that will hold 13 files (K-12). File boxes come is many styles, designs and colors. Use a different file box for each child.

2) Go through your child’s backpack or bag every day, or at least every week.

3) File important papers (like grade cards, test and awards) in a separate file for each child.

4) The best artwork and papers can be displayed on the frig or a corkboard.

5) Each month take a picture of your child next to their artwork.

6) File that picture and 1-3 special pieces you want to keep. This way – you have a “picture” of everything, including the artist! You can keep the memory and not 30 pieces of paper.

7) At the end of the school year you will have about 9 “pictures” of ALL their creations and 9-20 of their best pieces.

8) Store each year in its own file in the file box. I like to include their age and school picture as well.

9) You could use a binder system instead of the file system. Make a 3-ring binder for each year and put their school picture and age on the cover. Use plastic page protectors and you have a “book” they can look through for years to come.

10) You can also make a file or binder for Sports, Scouts, Cards/Letters and Portraits.

ENJOY your new stress-free school work organization system.

Worth checking out: Memory Pockets™ This is a scrapbook, journal and storage organizer in one! Memory Pockets makes it easy to record your child’s greatest accomplishments and milestones AND sort and store your kids’ favorite keepsakes each school year.

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