Mosquito Joe of South Dayton

Last year my family discovered a summer necessity – Mosquito Joe yard treatments. Life before Mosquito Joe was itchy to say the least. I have always known that I myself am prone to lots of bug bites in the summer…but as a new mama, I was not about to sit back and watch my baby girl get eaten alive while simply enjoying her water table in the front yard!


The image in the feature photo was taken one week before I called Mosquito Joe of South Dayton to renew our yard treatments for 2020. My poor girl had at least 20-30 bites covering her legs, her back, arms and even one big one on her cheek. These bites literally appeared after being in our yard for just an hour the night prior. If you can relate to this photo when it comes to your kids – definitely look into Mosquito Joe treatments.

The great thing about this company is you are NEVER locked in or pressured to a year long commitment. You can do one treatment for a special event (maybe an outdoor birthday party or family picnic) or you can absolutely set up regular treatments to get you through the summer! They also offer a great discount to new clients on your first yard treatment.

We have truly been so pleased and impressed by our experience with Mosquito Joe of South Dayton and I am confident your family will be too!

For more information visit their website or call 937-972-0949

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