Mosquito Joe is Making Outside FUN AGAIN!

When it’s mosquito season in Dayton, it’s tempting to hide inside, Not only are mosquito’s annoying & irritating, but they also spread infectious diseases to humans & pets! Local owner, Deanne Fisher, explains why this service has been so important for HER family!

A few years ago when we realized our small daughter was allergic to mosquitos, we searched high & low for a solution just to allow us to play outside & enjoy the outdoors. We used sprays, foggers, candles, torches, fans… just about anything & everything to get rid of mosquitos. When we started our search online, we found a company called Mosquito Joe. We spent months researching the company & the products they use, & when we found out they weren’t in our area, we decided to change that! And thus, Mosquito Joe of South Dayton was formed.

Mosquito Joe provides mosquito, flea & tick control to residential & commercial properties. Their techs are licensed & trained to treat specific areas of your yard with a variety of products to most effectively rid your yard of mosquitos, ticks & fleas. But also to protect flowers, plants, gardens, ponds & waterways. For more information on what Mosquito Joe can do you for you & get you back outside again, please give them a call! You can reach them at 937-972-0949 or visit them online at


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