Meet the Hermans

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Meet the Hermans

At The Miami Valley School, we pride ourselves on the nationally-recognized education we provide. Don’t just take it from us, hear what Chloe’s mom has to say:

“I still remember her sweet little face, and the way her gaze held mine when she earnestly explained what she was busy working on in her bustling first grade class. The young student was one of many my husband and I met during our introduction to The Miami Valley School (MVS) in Dayton five years ago. During our tour of the school, we were awestruck by the way each child, without prompting, spoke to us with such confidence. We were equally impressed with the faculty we encountered and their proposed curriculum. An enthusiastic love of learning radiated through the hallways like electricity, and we felt it instantly.

That day, we realized The Miami Valley School was an exceptional learning institution full of amazing possibilities for our young daughter. We were thrilled for her months later when she bounced through the school doors, eager for her first day of kindergarten.

For our family, MVS has become so much more than a wonderful place to learn — it is a community.

Our daughter is now a third grader at The Miami Valley School. With each passing year she has been a student there, we become more assured with our decision to enroll her at MVS. For our family, MVS has become so much more than a wonderful place to learn — it is a community.

Integrity. Celebration. Grit. Kindness. These four values are pillars that reinforce The Miami valley School. At this extraordinary place, these words are not taken lightly and they are not merely aspirations. They are taught, inspired, encouraged, and integrated into ways of life for each and every student.”

— Jane Herman, Mother, The Miami Valley School

Have questions for Jane? Start a conversation about her experience at [email protected].

Students don’t just come here. Here, they become.

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