Babies are very cute, but they sure are needy! If you have a newborn at home, there’s a pretty high likelihood that your “me-time” has substantially diminished or even become non-existent. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your baby is fed, bathed, happy, diapered, well rested, stimulated, and kept alive. That doesn’t leave time in the day for much of anything else. This can be rather overwhelming. The thought of taking time to read a book that you want to read, one that’s not full of touch-and-feel objects or cartoon animals, is almost laughable. I, as a librarian, however, know how important it is for all of us to read, you included. Therefore, I have a little secret to share with you, one that I hope will make those long days a little shorter: While it’s true that reading to newborns is critical for the development of strong language skills, it does not matter what you read to your baby. That’s right—newborns can’t understand what you’re saying. Just hearing words and the rhythm of language is really helpful for them. So, when it’s been one of those days, grab today’s newspaper, that novel you were dying to read, or even a gossip magazine. Then, kick back with your little one and enjoy. Trust me; you’re doing yourself and your baby a favor!

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