Make Your Way to Orchardly Park!

Slides, Swings, Sand and Splash! Orchardly Park has it all and it’s one of our NEW favorite places to play! 



Located in the heart of Oakwood, Orchardly Park includes a playground for small children, a spray pad, a full basketball court, two tennis courts, and a small ball diamond. There were things to climb on, crawl through, jump over and run across! 

There were three different play structures with a variety of different swings and slides throughout the playground. One of our most favorite parts was the BIG sand box! Our daughter was having a great time digging and playing in this area! And because of it’s size – – – it never seemed overcrowded with kids!

If all of these features weren’t enough – they also have a splash pad during the summer! When we stopped by this week the water was unfortunately not turned on but I am SO EXCITED to take our daughter back on a hot day to cool off and splash around! Orchardly Park has a little bit of everything and can accommodate all ages! Make sure to add this park to your list of must sees this summer!

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