Looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of organization.

Looking for the perfect gift? The gift that truly keeps on giving? Look no further than the gift of Professional Organizing! Whether this gift is for a family member, a friend or YOU, the gift of Decluttering will bring JOY all year!

Who would enjoy the gift of organizing? Everyone!

* Busy people who need a new office filing system.

* A chef who wants to organize their kitchen.

* A handyman wanting to organize tools and projects.

* Someone needed a closet / wardrobe makeover.

* A collector needed to organize their collections.

* Expectant parents getting their home ready for the arrival of a new baby.

* Parents of small children who want to create an organized play space.

* Teenagers and students needing help with organizing their room and study area.

* Teachers wanting to make the most of their classrooms.

* Seniors wanting to downsize.

* A crafter needed to organize their space.

* A family wanting to create a Family Emergency Binder or a Household Binder.

* Small business owners wanting to organize the store room and office space.

* Realtors who wish to assist their clients with getting a house ready to show.

* New home buyers who want to start with an organized home.

* Anyone making a New Year’s Resolution to get organized.

* Everyone can benefit from an organized life!

Organizing is a very customized process – unique to each individual. Silver Lining Organizers helps each client discover their personal organizing style. There is NO job too big or too small. We are very discrete and respectful of our client’s privacy and space.

Still unsure about whether an “investment” in a Professional Organizer is worth it? Our clients not only see the value in getting organized, but also usually continue the process in other areas of their home. Being organized comes with many rewards. It will save you time and money, but most importantly, being organized relieves stress and boosts confidence! There is power in purging!

Having a Professional Organizer is very much like having a personal trainer for your physical body, a dietitian for your nutritional health or a life coach for your emotional and mental well being. We are Organizing Coaches – ready to motivate and help you in your quest for a less chaotic life. We are also your partners in maintaining an organized space. We believe Organization is about facing our “clutter” and making the decision to get back to the things that are really important: our families, our children, our friends, our relationships.

Professional Organizing Gift Certificates are available from 1 hour / $50 and up. We also offer discounted packages for 4 plus hours. Purchase a gift certificate from SilverLiningOrganizers.com by Dec 31st and receive a FREE organizing gift with purchase! Best of all, our certificates are valid for one year and come with a free space assessment!

For more information call Silver Lining Organizers, LLC at 937-672-7567.

Link to purchase gift certificates: http://www.silverliningorganizers.com/prices-packages-payments/

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