Home Improvements Your Whole Family Will Love in Reston, VA

Home Improvements Your Whole Family Will Love in Reston, VA

Moving to a new home is a stressful event. It is a huge investment that is going to take many years to repay, and there are many new responsibilities that will fall on your shoulders. A move becomes even more complicated when you have children because of their connections in your previous community and breaking routines.

The layout and features of your home can go a long way toward smoothing things over. Unless you built a new construction, the house you have moved into probably does not check every single box on your list of preferences.

Fortunately, since you own this home in Reston, Virginia, you can make improvements to it. Even if it was a struggle for your children to adapt to a new home, there are changes you can make in the new house that the whole family will love.

Designated Playroom

Designated Playroom
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If your kids are very young, then a playroom is a necessity. Perhaps in your previous home or apartment, your kids simply played in the family room or their bedroom. However, a designated playroom on the main floor can be a huge benefit to you as a parent and to the kids. This is a space where they can leave their toys, and you won’t have to worry as much about clutter.

Perhaps the dining room is exceedingly large, and you could put in a simple partition to cordon off part of it for the playroom. Maybe a downstairs bedroom is right off the kitchen, and that could be converted into a playroom. Other than just toys, you could install wall mats and soft carpeting to make the space safer for play.

Deck or Back Porch

Deck or Back Porch-Home Improvements
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Playing outside is a critical component of child development. Not only is it a source of exercise, but it is also an opportunity to explore the world around them and breathe in fresh air. While you should be playing with them often, sometimes you need a rest. A back deck or screened-in porch is the perfect project to make your life easier while the kids play outside.

While you take a rest and shelter from the sun, you can still keep an eye on them as they run around in the yard. Plus, the family can enjoy outdoor meals together on nice days to change things up, from eating in front of the TV or in the dining room. If this project sounds too complicated, you could hire deck specialists or a screen porch builder in Reston, VA.

Likely, contractors know what heavy equipment to use during these projects. New Holland construction parts can be crucial for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the equipment used in the building process.

Space-Saving Bedroom Projects

Space-Saving Bedroom Projects-Home Improvements
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Bedrooms can be a wide range of sizes. Some may be only large enough for an office, while master suites can provide enough room for a king-sized bed and other furniture pieces. As your family grows, so will your space needs. Perhaps your kids are outgrowing their bedrooms, and there is not enough room for all their toys, dressers, and beds. Before you think about moving, consider the possibility of upgrading bedrooms to save space. Vertical storage can leave more room for play on the floor.

A loft bed with free space underneath, a desk, and/or drawers can leave more room on the ground. Multi-functional furniture can be used for various purposes throughout the day without having to buy more pieces. These simple projects will make space for your children to grow into, and some of them could work in your own bedroom as well.


Being a parent means keeping an eye on your kids, but you also want to encourage connection within the family. The layout of your home could make that more difficult. Perhaps the kitchen is closed off from the family room or the playroom, making it impossible to interact while preparing a meal. If you can make some changes to the layout so that it is a more open concept, then you can improve the togetherness of the space.

The key is to determine what interior walls are load-bearing. You can either remove walls entirely or you can cut out windows so that there is a small channel between rooms to converse through. An open concept can bring your family closer together since everyone is less isolated in different rooms.

Get the Whole Family Involved in Home Improvement

Although your name is on the title deed for this Reston, VA home, it is just as much your children’s as it is yours.

They live in it the same way you do, so they should have a role in what it looks like even if you make the final decisions. For smaller projects or the simpler tasks in a big project, remember to involve your kids in the process.

Maybe they can help pick out paint colors or develop their own room designs that you can use elements of. When the whole family is involved in home improvement projects, either during the planning stage or construction itself, there will be more buy-in from everyone.

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