Hidden Gem: Stricker’s Grove


Tucked away in Ross, OH, Stricker’s Grove is the very definition of a “hidden gem” – and an elusive one, at that! This West-side favorite is open to the public just four days each year (plus a week each July for the 4H Fair), and you’ll absolutely want to add it to your family’s summer bucket list.

Stricker’s Grove is no-frills — located in the middle of a cornfield in Butler County, the parking lot is gravel, the ticket booths are cash only, and a big tent covers a BYO-picnnic area (however BYOB – alcohol – is not allowed). During their open-to-the-public days, all rides close down for an hour to allow employees a dinner break. (What a nice idea!)

Stricker’s Grove is a slice of Americana; a classic amusement park experience and good, old-fashioned summer fun.

This amusement park has been at its Ross location since the ’70s and is a total throwback to the classic summer “fair” — think old-school arcade games, mini golf (the course runs next to the two roller coasters and is quite impressive) and festival favorites like the Ferris Wheel and Viking Ship. A train runs around the park and is a very fun option for the littlest family members. For those used to larger amusement parks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how short the ride lines are!

The real attractions at Stricker’s Grove, however, are the two roller coasters: Ralph Stricker’s “The Tornado,” a record-holding ‘coaster (Stricker is the only person in the United States to build his own roller coaster) and the Teddy Bear (more “family sized” and originally located at Cincinnati’s Coney Island).

These classic ‘coasters are fun for families and definitely make for a great “first” roller coaster experience for kids! Be sure to measure your kids before you go — all height requirements for rides can be found on the webpage.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the screen-free summers of your own childhood, Stricker’s Grove is the perfect remedy. This Hamilton treasure is a fun throwback that will thoroughly entertain toddlers, kids, teens and even grandparents! 

Stricker’s Grove is open three more times this season — and you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar now! 2018 Family Days are Aug. 12th, Sept. 3rd and Oct. 14th – get more details on Facebook or their webpage here.

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