Hey Dad Wait Up!!!

What is with these little mini balls of emotion? Their tiny slumped shoulders and water filled eyes seem very unwarranted. They have eaten good, they are well dressed and have shelter. What else do these kids want from me? I soon found out what that unchecked box was. It simply was TIME! Not money but rather moments that create memories is all these adorable bosses wanted.

With the culture demanding that dad’s bring home the bacon, be more romantic, shed the spare tire and communicate better who has time to play games? Really, I mean don’t these kids know that I have a presentation coming up and that I have to study for an interview for a new job that will make more money and make all of our lives better? But wait. I forgot, its bigger than money with them, they actually want me.

I am reminded of a timeless scene in the classic movie “Home Alone 2, Lost In New York”. I can so vividly remember Kevin McCallister running behind his dad in a crowded airport screaming, “Hey dad, wait up.” This was just moments before his whole family boarded a plane and  headed out of town to New York,  without him.

This little movie snippet serves as a visual analogy of what we dad’s are tempted to act out week in and week out. Tempted to run up ahead of our other very valuable responsibilities (our kids) to get to a place that will only cause us to leave behind the cargo that counts the most. I know that it will not be easy but try it. Take the extra five minutes when you are beat tired from work to enjoy that impromptu tea party.Venture to take down King Sphinx as likely the most out of shape power ranger to ever exist. Loosen your tie or kick off the steel toed boots and spend some much needed quality time with your kids.

I am not sure about much in life but I do realize that with our kids we can’t get the years back. Ages 3,4,5, &6 only come around once. Thank God they only come once! Nonetheless, let us not allow these times with our kids to fly past. Let’s not allow this journey to slip away from us while we entertain more “rewarding” endeavors.

These formative years will be gone before we know it. Graduation hats and wedding rice will be flying through the air not long from now. Hey, my kids are 3 and 5 and I have vowed to not isolate myself from their bubbly, smiles filled daily “circus “, as a matter of fact I headline in it as often as possible. If you can’t beat them join them! Savor the insanity!

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