How many handbags do you have?  How many do you actually love and use?  Like clothing, we only use about 20% of the handbags we own.  Some people are constantly looking for the “perfect” bag, some are addicted to handbags (the never ending colors, shapes, sizes are as intoxicating as shoes!) and some impulse buy any bag that catches their eye.  Not only are these handbags taking up valuable space – but most long to be used and loved and could be sold or donated – making space for other things that may be taking up space in other areas of your home…  like the floor.

As a recent convert to the Capsule Wardrobe, I decided to apply this minimalist concept to accessories and recently purged my own handbags – keeping only those I loved and used.  Was it hard to say goodbye to the designer bag that was just uncomfortable to carry, or that well loved bag that has seen better days, or bags that were too small or too big, or the one that was a beautiful bright trending color that I never carried because it just wasn’t “me”, or the bag that was a GREAT deal?  Not really – I didn’t use them much and they were taking up valuable space in my closet!  So I said goodby (I actually sang “Goodbye to You” by Scandal because I’m weird like that and it was fun!) and I said HELLO to my new 5 piece handbag collection:  A classic Black Satchel, a simple black clutch, a versatile wristlet, a brown leather crossbody and my favorite light blue perfectly sized Kate Spade.  (Then I sang “Happy” by Pharrell Williams because it’s a happy song and I love minions!)

As a general rule: do NOT purchase large bags.  We usually tend to try to “fill them up” with unnecessary things and they weigh too much (which can cause neck and back strain).  So lighten your load by carrying a smaller bag and organizing it correctly.

So, now take your favorite small to mid-sized handbag and move on to the next phase:  Organizing that sucker!

  1. Dump everything out / Gather everything you need to carry.  Toss the trash and wipe out the bag.  (Might as well start fresh!)
  2. Sort like with like:  cosmetics, money & credit cards, gift cards & coupons, mints & gum, photos, first aid & medications, electronics, receipts & notes, most often used items, etc.
  3. Give everything a home:  a pocket, a wallet, small zippered pouches or even zip-close baggies.
  4. Make a habit of emptying your coins into a jar every couple of days to lighten your bag.  Take those coins to the bank or grocery every month and convert them into real cash!
  5. Don’t carry full sized cosmetics.  Instead, choose travel or sample sizes, color palettes and multi-taskers such as lip/cheek sticks. Keep cosmetics together in a single pouch.
  6. Use a key-chain clip and get in the habit of attaching your keys to your bag – no more searching your bag for lost keys!
  7. Get rid of all those Reward and Loyalty Cards by using an App like Stocard on your mobile phone.
  8. Use a mini accordion file folder to organize receipts.
  9. Consider using a Bag Organizer, which you fill with your essentials and can easily transfer from bag to bag.
  10. Clean your bag out once a week – it will only take a few minutes!

My Cosmetic Pouch:

For Items you like to have with you but don’t use often, keep a supply kit in your car.  Extra makeup, electronics, first aid kits, and feminine care items take up space. You can save that space by keeping them in your car or desk at work. You will still have access to these items but you won’t be carrying them with you ALL the time.

Purse Lights also help you find what you need in the dark!

As for where to put your bag in the car, I recommend the Purse Pouch.  This must-have organizing product is inexpensive and helps reduce distracted driving by providing easy access to your handbag.  It also eliminates the need for inconvenient purse placement on the passenger seat, floor or your lap. 

Another Tip:  Make copies of all your cards (front and back).  This makes it SUPER easy to make calls if the originals are ever lost or stolen.

Share YOUR Organized Bag with us!

(For more information on this visit the Capsule Wardrobe Page on our website: SilverLiningOrganizers.com)

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