Getting Organized One Project at a Time

Getting Organized One Project At A Time

Getting Organized doesn’t mean organizing EVERYTHING at once! Whether you are new to organizing or a pro, NOW is the perfect time to try a new Organizing Project. It could be decluttering your junk drawer or reorganizing your closet! If you are new to organizing, pick a small project which will give you instant gratification, like creating a “Zoo” out of a basket for the kids’ stuffed animals!

Last year I decided my project would be creating a Coffee & Tea Station. A good mug of coffee or a nice cup of tea can start the day off right. Unfortunately, I am usually too tired or rushed to spend 20 minutes getting the filters, coffee, mugs and sweetener together every morning. Plus, I have always wanted a Coffee & Tea Station!

First, I chose an area to set up my Station. I picked a small table in the kitchen, but it could also be on a countertop, in a nook or even on a coffee cart! It doesn’t have to take up a lot of space or be extravagant – it just needs to be functional. Think about recreating a perfect hotel style coffee station – customized just for you!

Next, I gave all the items a “home”. I used a pretty serving tray to keep everything together and stop items from migrating further down the countertop or table. I then added my favorite coffee, tea and hot chocolate in matching containers, the coffee and espresso machines, tea pot, mugs and sweeteners. Coffee filters and small spoons and kept in the drawer just under the Station. Baskets and small containers store the smaller items – like sweetener packets. Get creative and use items that you love and make you smile everyday! For example, add an antique jewelry box to hold you favorite flavored tea bags!

If you decide to GO BIG and Organize your pantry or wardrobe, or create a kids play area, call a Professional! Having a Professional Organizer is very much like having a personal trainer for your physical body, a dietitian for your nutritional health or a life coach for your emotional and mental well being. We are Organizing Coaches – ready to motivate and help you in your quest for a less chaotic life. They are your partners in maintaining an organized space.

Organizing is a process – a very fulfilling process! Embrace it and enjoy it. Once you start, who knows, you may even have fun!

“May your day be a wonderful as your first sip!”

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