Father’s Day Fun!

What would we do without the dads in our lives?! Whether you have an incredible dad yourself or you are with an awesome man that is a great role model for your children then this is for you. In the month of June it is always fun to come up with creative ways to honor the special men in our lives. Some dads like to golf on that special day, some like to go to amusement parks with their family, some want to just veg out and watch sports while others want to grill an awesome steak and be doted on. Whatever it is that they like, it is their special day and is hopefully what they will get. Here are some fun and unique ideas of ways to honor our dads:

*Have your children cut out the letters (or you if they are younger) of the word DAD and color them. Then take a picture of them laid out or each holding a letter and put in a frame.

*Go to Meijer.com and order a Magazine cover with your dad on it for less then $10! He could be on a golf magazine, boating magazine, model magazine or more.

*Make his favorite breakfast in bed.

*Go camping.

*Get him a basket filled with his favorite goodies such as Oreos, Tostitos, BBQ sauce, Reece’s PB cups, etc. or go with a themed basket filled with golf goodies or camping gear.

*A Gift Card tree is always fun. Have the kids draw a tree and add different small gift cards to each branch.

*A coupon book that the kids draw filled with coupons for a free hug, two free chores, 10 quiet minutes, etc.

*Make his favorite meal and have the children help make dessert or go outside and make a bonfire with smores.

Whether you buy a gift or make it, have fun choosing what will make your dad or husband a happy man. It is his day and we are so lucky to have them in our lives. Even dads need to be spoiled every once in a while. Happy Father’s Day to all of you awesome dads out there!

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