Enjoy Free Online Educational Games from TEG

Much like their escape rooms, TEG’s Field Trips challenge players to progress through games by uncovering clues and solving puzzles.

These Field Trips are actually free online games designed to take students on engaging and educational journeys through famous museums, to historic landmarks and even back to major moments and events in time. To be successful, players must exercise their critical thinking and deductive reasoning.

How to Play:

1. First, start on this page with any device, anywhere, anytime.

2. Watch a quick video explaining your mission (Smithsonian video below).

3. After watching the video, you’ll navigate a virtual tour and answer questions on your dashboard to progress through the game.

4. Piece together clues and solve puzzles to complete your mission in time.

In their first game, Lost at the Smithsonian, they’ve gamified the Smithsonian’s virtual tour. Check out the video below and get playing!