The Benefits of Live-In Au Pairs

AuPairCare is an award-winning agency that matches local families with international, live in au pairs. The Nowicki family shares their experience with Laura and the benefits of the au pair program!


“The au pair program has been a positive experience for our family.  We have two children; Ella (6) and Andrew (1).  With Ella starting Kindergarten and Andrew needing full time care we were researching various childcare options.  The au pair program was attractive to us because of its flexible, full-time care.  Before having an au pair, the stressful times of our day were getting the kids out the door in the morning and dinnertime.  Having an au pair has turned the most stressful times of our day to the most enjoyable.  Our mornings are usually low stress. We eat breakfast with our children while they are still in their pajamas and once my husband and I leave for work, our au pair gets the kids dressed, packs their lunch and gets Ella off to school. 

It’s so enjoyable to see our kids play with each other before they need to start their day rather than the hectic rush out the door. 

Our au pair, Laura, ensures the kids have dinner and are dressed for bed at the appropriate times.  This gives my husband and I time to exercise and pursue some of our own interests outside of our full-time work.  We’ve even been able to train and run several half marathons.  We would have never had time to do this!

The Spanish influence on our children is an added bonus to the au pair program.  Both our children have started speaking small amounts of Spanish.  Laura is like family and the kids have really taken positively to having an au pair.  Our daughter often tells us she’s her “older sister.”  Our first year with the au pair program has been a positive experience.” 

-The Nowicki Family

Experience the benefits of Au Pair Childcare! Au pairs provide up to 45 hours a week of childcare on a schedule specific to your family’s needs. In addition, au pairs introduce your family to the language and traditions of another country while keeping your children safe, happy and cared for! Visit the AuPairCare website to learn more about how to welcome an au pair into your home and gain reliable and flexible support that fits your family!

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