I LOVE my Mini Tool Box – and not just because it is PINK!

This Craftsman Tool Tote comes in several colors and runs about $32.00.  I like it because it is open for easy access and has a handle.  It is also the perfect size to fit everything I need.  It is filled with picture hanging supplies, hammers, nails, a paint brush (for the little touch-ups I always need to do), a level (for the picture hanging), hole filler, sandpaper, cable ties, a tape measure, wire cutters, pliers, a wrench, super glue, wood glue, a screwdriver and screws.

There are so many options for storing your small tools:  tool totes and boxes come in many different sizes, styles and colors; rolling tool and craft cases can easily be adapted to store your small tools; a variety of bins and baskets can be combined to create your own custom tool box; file drawers can be a great place to store all your small tools – just add dividers to keep items separated (make your own dividers by using empty cereal and cracker boxes you can cut to size); a bucket and tool organizer provides lots of room and pockets in a range of sizes; and small luggage totes or backpacks can also be transformed into the perfect tool carrier.

I go to this tool box at least once a week for something.  It saves me so much time because I don’t have to make a trip to the garage or basement to get what I need (and then make another trip to put it away!).  Honestly, if I didn’t have it many things would probably not get done just due to the inconvenience of having to go to the garage for supplies.  I keep it in my Utility Closet and everyone in the family knows where it is and what’s inside.  It is so convenient and makes life easier!

Do you have a Mini Tool Box?  What do you love about it?  Share your pics and ideas with us!

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