7 Things We Can Learn From Santa

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Christmas Day is almost here. Santa will bring us all gifts and he can teach us some things too. Here are some things Santa has taught me!

1) The Importance of Being a Good Listener

 Santa listens well, if he didn’t people would not get what they wanted for Christmas. If you’re a good listener, you learn what other people want and expect.


2) The Value of Hard Work and Preparation

 During the holiday season and all year long, Santa works hard. He prepares lists, he makes toys and gifts and he works overtime on Christmas Eve. His hard work and preparation pays off! Everyone recognizes Santa and knows he does a great job.


3) You Can’t Make Everybody Happy

Santa tries his best, but no matter how good of a job he does, there are always a few people that want more or don’t like a gift they have received. Nobody is perfect and it is impossible to make everybody happy.


4) People Appreciate a Good Attitude & Manners

Santa is kind and jolly. Santa is warm and loveable & he treats all people with respect.

He always has a wave, a smile and says Hello or Ho Ho Ho. He’s happy to meet you. This is the main reason he is loved throughout the world.


5) Doing a Job on Time and Without Complaint

Santa quietly goes about his business on Christmas Eve and he gets the job done.

He delivers gifts with efficiency and they are always on time, Santa makes sure that children everywhere wake up to presents on Christmas morning


6) You Need Help and Support to Be Successful

Santa would not be able to deliver the goods without his Elves, His Reindeer and of course Mrs. Clause (she helps keep track of who is naughty and nice). We all need help in life to be able to succeed. Having a supportive spouse and family helps as well!


7) Its Not Easy to Deliver Coal

Santa doesn’t like to have to deliver coal to the bad kids, but some of them deserve it. Some people need to be reminded that they have to improve and be a better person.


The 1 Thing that should change: Santa Goes Overboard on the Cookies

Let’s be honest- by the end of his sleigh ride Santa probably has the belt off and is wearing Red stretch pants after eating all those cookies. The poor Reindeer are probably muttering to each other that Santa’s weight has doubled in a few hours. It’s not good for Santa to over eat! He would be healthier if he had a few more nutritious snacks & a few less sugar cookies!





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