5 Reasons to Book a Ride on LM&M Railroad

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LM&M Railroad is one of my family’s favorite activities. My kids love trains, and LM&M offers family-friendly rides all throughout the year. These rides give my kids a chance to enjoy quality train time; plus, there’s always a fun theme or activity that really makes the whole experience extra special.

Last weekend, we returned to Lebanon for a ride on the Easter Bunny Express, and my kids had an absolute blast. They got to meet the Easter Bunny, go on an egg hunt, and, most importantly, ride on a real, live train for an hour. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Easter, definitely book a ride this weekend!

Looking ahead, there are lots of train rides that would make for a fun family outing this spring or summer. Still need convincing?


Here are 5 reasons to book a ride on LM&M Railroad:

Your kids love trains

This is, of course, the #1 reason to visit LM&M: your kids love trains. Because LM&M is an authentic train station, complete with a lookout tower, station and several different types of trains. You can purchase tickets for First-Class or Coach; we’ve done both, and I can honestly say my kids didn’t notice a difference. In my opinion, the best part of the ride is the open-air gondola, which allows you to sit outside and feel the train moving beneath you, and really take everything in.

You’re searching for a unique photo opp

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Boarding stations, classic train cars and historic lookout towers — LM&M is full of unique photo opps. The station’s Downtown Lebanon home is classic Americana at its finest: well-maintained old buildings, century-old houses, diners and lots of downtown charm. Arrive a little early and get some fun, Instagram-worthy pics of your kids exploring. Or, have them dress up a little and snap this year’s holiday card!

Curious George is a big deal in your house

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LM&M’s themed rides are their specialty. Last summer, we met Curious George, which was quite thrilling for my kids! These character meet-and-greets are great photo opps, and each kid gets some quality time with their favorite character. This summer features rides with Curious George, Super Why, Clifford and Thomas (A Day Out with Thomas is one of LM&M’s most popular rides!), so surprise your kid with a train ride they will never forget!

You want a new way to celebrate the holidays

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If you can’t handle the thought of another community egg hunt or breakfast with Santa, book a holiday ride on LM&M! We went last Christmas for the North Pole Express, and I got some of the best Santa photos ever. (Much better than Mall Santa photos, I might add!) This Easter was no different; my kids were over-the-top excited to go on a train ride and Easter Egg Hunt. LM&M’s rides make every holiday a little more special, and are sure to become traditions in your family.


You’re craving quality family time

This is my favorite reason for taking a train ride: you’ll get uninterrupted time with your kids. Since you’re not driving, there are no distractions: you get to sit back and enjoy your family. My husband and I like to shuffle the kids around throughout the ride, getting one-on-one time with each of them. It’s really special to be able to take in the views and just listen to what my kids have to say. Definitely snap a few pics with your phone — but otherwise, leave those distractions in your bag and take advantage of this special time with your family.

Also: LM&M is a great option for grandparents or out-of-town family. It’s special and unique, and the perfect “speed” for grandparents. The hour-long ride allows for lots of one-on-one bonding, making for a memorable afternoon for everyone. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day both coming up, consider booking a ride with your parents as a way to celebrate!

Ready to book a ride on LM&M? There are several notable rides coming up: next weekend {April 14-15} is the Easter Bunny Express; May 13th is National Train Day — kids’ tickets are half price!; for Lebanon Appreciation Day on May 27th, all tickets are just $5; and, summer kicks off with the Curious George Express on June 17-18 and 24-25 — this ride would be a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day!

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