5 Easy Tips For Going Green With Your Kids

Over the past couple of decades, the impact of environmental abuse by man has been extremely severe. Two studies published in Science and Anthropocene Review last year revealed shocking facts about the environment! The degradation of land and freshwater systems, excessive greenhouse gas emissions and overuse of chemicals in the last sixty years have surpassed the damage caused in the previous 10,000 years of humankind. This is, indeed, an alarming revelation that should make us more conscious towards giving back to the environment instead of solely taking. Apprising kids of environment conservation and restoration is all the more crucial because they are ones who’ll shape the future. If the environment continues to deplete at this rate, their generation may even have to battle for their survival! Here are five easy tips for going green with your kids:

Reward The Habit Of Energy Preservation  

This is one of the greatest things we must remember in our quest for going green. Even though our attempts to make a difference may seem miniscule given the greater picture, we should be the ones to make a positive start and encourage others to follow suit. Start at home by encouraging your kids to turn off all the lights and electronic equipment when they leave a room. Reward them for this either by words or by offering a little treat. Doing this will reinforce the action and help establish it as a habit.

Inculcate Environment Consciousness Through Art And Literature  

Kids love the mystical world of stories! Storytelling is one of the best ways to establish a connect with a child’s psyche. Read out stories that revolve around nature and its wonders. Doing this will not only increase your kids’ environmental awareness but also make them more responsible towards protecting it. Art is another good way to introduce kids to the elements of the environment. You can try out nature-inspired coloring, collage making, and other fun crafts while sharing facts about the environment with your kids.

Promote The Ideology Of “Reduce, Reuse And Recycle” At Home 

Kids learn a lot about things by observing their parents. Your actions can impact your kids’ belief about right and wrong behavior in a great way! Make sure you teach your kids the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling through your words and actions. For example, for short distances, avoid taking your car (reduce) and tell your little ones how doing so is going to benefit the environment. After your kids have finished eating their ice creams, tell them not to throw away the plastic spoons as you can use them again (reuse). Every few months, take your kids to recycle centers to give all the sheets of paper, glass and plastic bottles for recycling.

Educate About Water Conservation  

Water conservation is a very crucial aspect of ensuring a sustainable environment. Teach your kids about the importance of saving water by giving examples of how several people around the world don’t even have water to drink. Advise them to use water judiciously while taking a shower or while brushing their teeth. Get together to create a rainwater collection system in your backyard. This water can be used to water plants, wash clothes and do the dishes.

Enjoy Gardening Together  

Gardening is an activity that can benefit not just the environment but also the relationship you and your kids share as it provides a wonderful means to bond with them. Explain to your kids the mechanism of how your plants “cleanse” the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and several pollutants, in return releasing oxygen. Teach them how plants help keep the soil secure, thereby preventing erosion. Make it a point to take out at least an hour every week for gardening. The activity can also give you a chance to make many memorable conversations with your little ones!

Play your part in caring for the Mother Earth and strive to provide a wholesome environment to your kids that you’ve been fortunate to enjoy. In the process of involving yourself and your family in this noble endeavor, educate your near and dear ones to join you in the initiative too! Protect, preserve and restore!

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