3 ways to beat back to school jitters

Jeanine Bobenmoyer

That back to school ride is sometimes a rough one, amiright parents? From the lists of school supplies to the new schedule adjustments to that general feeling of overwhelm, the back to school season also tends to be laden with first-day prep instead of tips for year-long maintenance.

Not sure about you, but it’s around the second week of the year that I notice my kids’ demeanor change – they’re getting into their new routines but the anxiety of the year ahead is just settling in. Assignments are being laid out. Expectations are set. And suddenly the 180+ days of school are an overwhelming mass of jitters.

Here are 3 ways we are beating back to school jitters this year:

1. Getting organized together. Normally our family holds a touchbase each Sunday to discuss things like schedule, budget and any extras we need to keep each other in the loop on. But this year I’m making a conscious effort to hold dedicated, 5-minute-per-child daily meetings. It’ll be the perfect time to go over their homework folders, read through teacher emails together and get organized. This way both kids see that we’re prioritizing what needs done and puts us on that same path together.

FROM OUR SISTER SITEHow do you prep for back to school?

2. Listening. As parents, we have a tendency to ask a million questions and quickly jump into Dear Abby-style advice mode. But do we actually listen? This is a trait I’ve personally challenged myself with this school year: Let go the urge to pipe in every 2 minutes when the kids are digesting their day and really hear what they’re saying. I know this allows them the opportunity to outwardly problem-solve and reinforces the independence, assurance and strength traits I want them to have.

3. Take everything one piece at a time. Seriously how easy is it to look at Boy Scout signups and soccer practice nights and homework folders and suddenly feel paralyzed with all that needs to be done? This is where I hear my own mom’s soothing voice in the back of my head telling me to breathe, breathe. If the kids see me stressing about activities and homework, then they will too. I am setting the precedence early this year: Tackle one thing at a time. My plan is again, to dedicate a few minutes per item so I’m not looking like a computer with 400 browser windows open. End goal: Kids learn additional organization tactics and channel Gma’s breathe, breathe mantra when there’s a lot to get done.

So with those 3 tips under wraps, tell me: How do you handle the back to school jitters at home? As parents we can learn from each other and lend support where needed so feel free to share in the comments below. Happy back to school-ing everyone!

Jeanine Bobenmoyer is an explorer by heart. Her enthusiasm for trying new things drives her family out into the Indianapolis community as often as possible. Her son Hunter may become the next Bo Jackson and daughter Emerson is headed for Broadway or Harvard. Or both.

When Jeanine is not checking out the latest hotspot, she puts on her hat as the Chief Mom Officer for theCityMoms, the largest support and social network for moms in Indianapolis. She guest writes for Hamilton County Tourism, Inc., loves yoga, University of Michigan football, and trail running. She’d also drop everything if Eddie Vedder asked her to join Pearl Jam on tour. Find Jeanine on Twitter and Instagram.

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